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Once a suitable pitch has been found, your trailer requires a robust and straight position on the ground. Our solid and robust Winterhoff supports reliably master such a task.


The rigid BASIC steady legs are suitable for nose loads up to a maximum of 150 kg and are essential in day-to-day trailer use, as they fulfil all the basic needs. We have ensured that the BASIC variants also meet our high quality standards and exceed the legal minimum requirements.


Our pivoting steady legs from the PLUS category impress with high-quality workmanship, reliability, high-quality materials and a long service life. They are suitable for nose loads of up to 1,300 kg and can either be operated using a lateral crank or a push-on crank.


The extendable corner steadies from the BASIC product line are designed for a maximum nose load of up to 2,000 kg and are hot-dip galvanised, which guarantees high-quality corrosion protection.