Accessories for coupling heads

Our accessories for Winterhoff coupling heads are a practical companion for all trailer owners. The BALL CAP allows you to effectively protect the towball of your trailer against dirt.



  • Very high-quality ball cover made from flexible plastic

  • Reliably protects the ball of your vehicle against water, dirt and rust

  • Protects legs and bumper

  • Recommended accessories even when using friction-type stabilisers

  • Additional ribs at the bottom protect the balls, even with pivoting towing hitches

  • Available individually or in an attractive colour box with 24 BALL CAPs


KUB model ball pin


The ball pin is available in KUB 50-2000 KG and KUB 50-3500 KG designs. With EC approval, the ball pin is approved for public roads.


Further accessories for coupling heads

  • HAL 7-13 plug holders for universal use on the trailer, suitable for 7 and 13-pin plugs

  • HAL-K 7-13 plug holders made of plastic for use in the handle, suitable for 7 and 13-pin plugs (models WW 8-13-150-220-30-350 from production year 2013)

  • HAL-7 plug holders for use in the handle, suitable for 7-pin plugs (only for WW 8-13-150-220-30-350 models up to production year 2012)

  • Skid bracket FLA for universal use on the trailer