WS 3000 / WS 3500

stabiliser couplings for braked trailers up to 3,500 kg

Increased lane handling and safety

The WS 3000 and WS 3500 stabiliser couplings for braked trailers up to 3500 kg with specially developed friction elements are pressed axially under the high spring pressure against the towball of the vehicle, resulting in the enormous stability of the vehicle combination. As a result, the critical speed at which a vehicle combination becomes unstable and starts to yaw is permanently increased by up to 30%. The WS 3000 / WS 3500 couplings fulfil the ISO 11555-1 standard and are therefore approved stabilisation devices for the 100 km/h regulation.

Product line: Premium Profi


The advantages for you:

  • Cushions swinging and pitching movements of the trailer, to prevent emergency situations

  • Single lever system for all functions for fast hitching

  • EC approval – no TÜV registration is therefore necessary

  • Supplied with installation accessories

  • Hitching and wear indicator

  • More free space to the rear of the vehicle

  • Integrated Soft-Dock